How To Decorate a MASTER BEDROOM | #WWRD 6

How To Decorate a MASTER BEDROOM | #WWRD 6
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How To Decorate a MASTER BEDROOM | #WWRD 6

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Interior Design, Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson reaches out to her Subscribers to enter the What Would Rebecca Do (#WWRD) contest. Each week, Rebecca will select a winner and make at least 5 suggestions on how to improve your space. Todays winner… KELLY HUGHES

Kelly’s top 5 Things She Can Do To Improver Her Space 🙂
#1. Place bed on window wall.
#2. Repurpose furniture and appliances.
#3. Scale lamps to achieve room balance.
#4. Find creative place to hang art.
#5. Bring freshness to your color palette.

Hi Guys, Rebecca here 🙂 We have had 5 winners already on #WWRD and after reviewing tons of new submissions, I’ve become increasingly aware I need to be more specific on exactly how you should enter your photos and info to be selected as a winner for an upcoming WWRD episode. Please watch the video and make note of the details that can increase your chances of being selected. Below I have written out the rules as well. Thank you for taking the time to get familiar with the details and for submitting your rooms to this new series called What Would Rebecca Do. I feel its the most practical way for me to reach out to you guys individually while teaching you in mass the design principals I use every day in my design practice. Together we can all improve our living spaces, make them unique and personal while having fun doing it 🙂

You MUST be a SUBSCRIBER to: Robson Design
You MUST be a SUBSCRIBER to: How To Live Your Style
You! Your Name and Where you live
Take 4 horizontal photos. One of each wall (Photos taken STRAIGHT ON work best) … in your selected room.
Diagram, overhead view of walls, windows and doorways with overall measurements
Budget… approximately how much you have to spend on your project
Post the photos and details on…
Your Instagram
Your Twitter
Your Facebook page…
OR ours 🙂 Robeson Design
Be sure to include…. #WWRD so we can find your entry.
Write a brief description of the challenge you are facing in your room and what you need help with.
Post a short video clip of you in your space.

You only need to enter one time to be in the contest
Winners will be announced on Robeson Design’s YouTube channel every Monday 🙂

Good Luck!

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Videography by Matthew Moran
Editing by Dorian Tucker
All exclusive music provided by Jimmy Robeson
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How To Decorate a MASTER BEDROOM | #WWRD 6 details

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